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Written by alloplastic   
Wednesday, 15 June 2011 23:28

We didn't know what we would discover when we built an automata engine of this size and speed, but now we have part of the answer.  Our first title, Cell, is nearly ready for release.  We've opened up a window into this teeming microworld via a trailer, and we are now able to report what the game will feature:


Life, in every cell of the gameworld


Action, as you blast germs and growths


Tactics, as you choose between construction and direct attacks


Drama, as you learn why your meagre life as unit KRV-2134-C is of such interest to the human beings above


Nirvana, as you are entranced by a fully synced soundtrack, in which every song and pulse line up to a constant tempo, from the moment you launch the game to the moment you tear yourself away


These are the high points.  For more detail on the game concept and underlying technology, please see the Cell Preview and Automata Engine 1.0 articles, or follow us on Twitter via the panel on the right for upcoming announcements as the game makes its way to market.

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