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Sunday, 27 September 2009 23:15

Aspyre Media's revolutionary collection-style game, Treasure World (DS, July 2009), has come to life online thanks in part to New Life Interactive's contribution of several Flash applications. These apps all interface with a MySQL database of live game data and were developed in either ActionScript 9 or 7, depending on the requirement.

Google Maps App




Treasure World is a game that transforms all wireless network nodes (in the real world) into treasures. Players who find treasures can mark their locations on an interactive Google map developed by New Life Interactive.


Treasure Trove



Players can arrange their treasures in a garden area called a Trove. New Life Interactive delivered an online version of the Trove as part of every player's profile.






One of the more ingenius tropes in the game is the notion of the Trove as a musical staff, within which the individual treasures make sounds that are pitched according to their vertical position. New Life Interactive built an online app for displaying and managing lists of "songs" created in this way.
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